Trà Mi Dinh - On The Island Residency Program Showing

Tra Mi.jpg

Join us on Friday 28th of June as On The Island Resident Trà Mi Dinh shares what she has been working on over the past two weeks.

TASDANCE 197 Wellington Street


A note from Trà Mi
"Thanks to Tasdance’s On The Island Residency program, I’ll be dedicating these next two weeks to an intensive creation period to develop a new work.

Initially, my focus will be on sensation; experiencing and studying the patterns/mechanics/nature of my physical responses to a concept. Playing with these physical impressions encourages a curiosity about the different textures we can absorb and manifest in the moving body. It is in this state of discovery and research that forms the foundation for my time at this residency - which I’m sure will shift and transform many times over.."