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Tasdance has a rich history of diverse works by some of the country’s leading choreographers.

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Join us on a Yatra (Journey) as Tasdance and the local Launceston Bhutanese community seek the definition of place and home through stories of living and growing up in refugee camps to resettlement on the Apple Isle.  In partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre Northern Tasmania this immersive performance experience uses dance, live music, storytelling and digital moving image to give voice to our newest residents’

DIRECTOR Gabriel Comerford


PRODUCER                                                    Alison Copley

MUSIC PRODUCER                                    James Mangohig - Skinnyfish

LIGHTING & MOVING IMAGE                         Chris Jackson

COSTUME DESIGN Ingrid Reynolds

COLLABORATING ARTISTS                       Benge Allen, Sofie Burgoyne, Rachel Arianne Ogle & Isabella Stone

BHUTANESE ARTISTS                                    Mon Rai, Obeth Sampang, Bijay Tamang, Binod Biswa, Yadav Mangar, Susmita Pradhan

PRODUCTION MANAGER                               Chris Jackson


Bodies emerge from the mass. Voyagers and heralds grasp hands as they stride across the dark. Tracing landscapes, leaving footfalls and breathing from the past. Part system and part science-fiction, Thorn creates an evolving landscape for a brave new world. Drawing a wavering line between fantasy and reality, the work is a small study of humans, nature and human nature.

CHOREOGRAPHY Gabrielle Nankivell


DANCERS Alana EverettBec JonesAlya ManzartRobert Alejandro TinningJoshua ThomsonSharon Lee


Junjeiri Ballun - Gurul Guareima

Biologically dead yet teeming with life. Five bodies ebbing and flowing to the songlines of the river from the first nations to the locals today. Water splashing, rhythms vibrating, head banging dance that explores how we repair the damage through cultural, classical and contemporary movement, music and magic.


SOUND Thomas E.S. Kelly

COLLABORATING ARTISTS Sofie Burgoyne, Gabriel Comerford, Rachel Arianne Ogle, Isabella Stone

ARTISTIC LIAISONS Adam Wheeler & Carol Wellman

PRODUCER Alison Copley

The Howl

It has become about the rupture between states of chaos and organisation. On the one hand the dancers rally, galvanise and move in the same direction. On the other they thrash, shatter and collapse. There is domination and there is tenderness as they crystallise into mechanistic parts and fall into the wild.


SOUND Matthew Hindson, Philip Glass, Jonny Greenwood and Arvo Part, performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

DANCERS Alana EverettBec JonesBrianna KellAlya ManzartHarrison Ritchie-JonesLuigi VescioTristian Carter

DESIGNERS Costume: Alexi Freeman Lighting: Damien Cooper

Fragile Matter

…more than machinery we need humanity, more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness… Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator 1940.

CHOREOGRAPHY Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman

SOUND Murcof, Ben Frost, Alessandro Scarlatti, Amon Tobin, Jozef Van Wissem, Devo

DANCERS Gabriel Comerford, Robert Flehr, Bec Jones, Olivia McPherson, Jack Riley, Isabella Stone, Nikki Tarling, Robert Tinning

DESIGNERS Lighting: Luca Sirviö Recreated by Darren Wilmott Puppet: Dimitris Nassiakos

Light Entertainment

Light Entertainment is a physical and theatrical exploration of light. Viewed through a prism of rhythm and repetition this hypnotic work shifts perspective from wave to particle, observed to obscured, animal to abstract, entertainment to architecture and finally from light to a space in its absence.

The structure of this work takes its form from the wave/particle dichotomy inherent in light itself and as the work progresses both the material explored and the method of creation changes dramatically. The first half of the work explores the wave function of light and is therefore loose in structure; it is concerned with improvisations based around repetition and emergent qualities.


DANCERS Original cast: Dean CrossSarah FiddamanBrianna Kell, Jenni LargeTimothy Walsh

2015 cast: James BatchelorSarah FiddamanKatherine GurrBrianna KellAndrew Searle

DESIGNERS Set Design: Byron Perry with Darren Willmott.  Costumes: Tracie Leslie