Kayah Guenther - Dance of a Gentle Warrior Showing



Dance of a Gentle Warrior Showing

Tasdance Studio 

Friday 31st May 2019


197 Wellington Street, Launceston

 Please join us this Friday 31st May at 6:00pm for a special showing of our current artist in residence, Kayah Guenther from regional NSW.  Kayah is a 2018 recipient of the Innovating Dance Practice grant from Ausdance NSW. This sees Kayah developing a work titled Dance of a Gentle Warrior with our very own Tasdance artist Gabriel Comerford. 

 About Kayah….

 Kayah’s practice crosses dance and theatre.  This year Kayah has worked with Aha Ensemble (Daniele Constance) and Phluxus Dance Collective (Nerida Matthaei) to development a work titled ‘Explain Normal’ to be performed at Supercell Dance Festival in Brisbane and Metro Arts in October 2019.

 Kayah was a successful recipient of The Creative Development Grant through HOTA (Home of The Arts - Gold Coast) which sees him develop a work with his sister sister Maitreyah Guenther titled ‘Siblingo-A Life in Translation’ in collaboration with Gavin Webber and Kate Harman from’ The Farm’ and playwright Suzie Miller.

 In 2018 Kayah collaborated with director, Paul Gazzola and four emerging artists with disabilities from New South Wales & South Australia (Joshua Crampton, Zakaria Ghomri, Lorcan Hopper and Max McAuley) in the first stage development, Of Boys and Men. Kayah has recently completed the second development stage in Adelaide in April/ May before coming to Launceston to work at Tasdance with Gabriel Comerford. 

 Kayah has had a wide range of experience working with Philip Channells (Dance Integrated Australia), Gavin Webber (The Farm) and Travers Ross (YT Dingo). Through the Screenworks 'Createability' program he collaborated with HW Collective (Poppy Walker and Sophie Hexter) on the multi award-winning short film, The Battle (2015). 

 For More Information https://www.kayahguenther.com

 We look forward to welcoming you at Tasdance on Friday 31st May at 6:00pm