Pepa Ubera In Residence Showing


Pepa Ubera joins us from the UK and has been spending the last two weeks in residency at Tasdance. Pepa is visiting Tasmania through our partnership with Critical Path and we are delighted to be sharing what she has been working on with you all.

A Little Bit About Pepa's Practice
Pepa Ubera is a freelance dance artist whose choreographic practice expands into curatorial projects and the use of video in performance. Her work challenges social structures, questioning how the body behaves in the current context, mediating real time spaces as opportunities to deal with the unknown and the poetic as tools for transformation. She examines the tension that unites opposite ideas with the purpose of highlighting the spaces in between. The organic and the artificial, consumption and production are some of the concepts she explores in her artistic practice.
In her residency at Tasdance she will be researching how choreography can deal with the Anthropocene and how her practice can engage with the landscape and community of Tasmania.

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