Parent Information for Ballet Classes

What to Wear for Class

*** Please don’t purchase ballet clothing until the student has completed their first class, so that the teacher can first ensure they are in the right class for their age and level of experience. If the student changes class the leotard and skirt colour required may be different. ***

It is well known that dance training is very good for the development of good posture.

In order to get full benefit in this respect the student must be correctly dressed, not restricted in movement and with the body line clearly visible to the teacher. Here is a list. These can be bought at Marees’ Ballet Boutique, 191 Brisbane Street in Launceston.

Pre-Primary, Primary and Grade 1

  • Sleeveless pink leotard

  • Pink Skirt

  • Canvas Ballet Shoes

  • Pink tights

Grade 2 and above

  • Sleeveless black leotard

  • Black Skirt

  • Shoes and tights as above


  • White t-shirt/body suit

  • Navy blue shorts or tights

  • White ballet shoes

  • White Socks

Don’t forget to put your name on clothes and shoes.

Please ensure that hair is tied up or back.

Try to be on time for class. Class procedure is carefully structured so that muscles are warmed up and prepared for more strenuous movements later in class – this helps prevent injury.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact Shannon at Tasdance on 6331 6644 or