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Do you share Tasdance’s passion for arts and culture in Australian life? If so, you can make a vital contribution through volunteering some of your time to Tasdance.

As a pivotal Tasmanian cultural icon, Tasdance has benefited from the service of a great number of people since the company’s inception in 1981. From tending the garden in our enviable surrounds in Launceston to filling envelopes with information on our upcoming main-season performance, there is something for everyone! Contact Tasdance if you wish to satisfy your need for service in your local community – we can’t exist without your help!

In recognition of considerable years of voluntary support of the company, in November 2012 Tasdance established the Tasdance Legends Club and has inducted those who have all given their time and expertise to Tasdance since 1981. Tasdance applauds their generosity, and acknowledge their unselfish dedication to ensuring Tasdance remains a vital part of the social and cultural fabric of Tasmania. Are you the next Tasdance Legend?

Tasdance Legends

  • Marjorie Deeth
  • Maggie & Dick James
  • Julie & Graham Turner
  • Elizabeth Daly
  • Jenny Kinder
  • Glenn Bromfield
  • Esther Ross