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Plain English

In this mass and mess of media, debate, ratings and polls is there any room to have an authentic conversation about something meaningful?

Plain English puts a microscope on the way Australian politicians speak; the tactics and techniques they use to communicate to the public via the 24 hour news cycle. As a starting point for the work we have deconstructed recent interviews and speeches from federal politicians, using the rhythm, patterns, slogans and stutters to build a choreographic work that takes on a life of its own.

Plain English was made in collaboration with dramaturg Martyn Coutts and the Tasdance dancers.

Brisbane based dance artist Liesel Zink’s practice is heavily influenced by psychology and sociology research. Her practice seeks to rigorously question and reveal the meaningful complexities of social behaviour. Her choreographic style is derived from her research into body language, drawing from disciplines of drama, sound, science and psychology in order to effectively communicate a concept. Liesel is currently researching the act of protest, questioning its effectiveness in contemporary Western cultures.

Plain English Touring

Plain English is available for mainstage touring throughout Australia, and can be paired with one or more of Tasdance's other mainstage touring works:

Thorn by Gabrielle Nankivell
The Howl by Stephanie Lake
Fragile Matter by Paul Blackman and Christine Gouzelis

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Liesel Zink

Profile - evolve : revolve - Liesel Zink

Liesel Zink is a Brisbane based choreographer influenced by research into psychology and social psychology.

She has created works for Expressions Dance Company (Synapse 2013 and It fell on the floor between them 2010), LINK Dance Company (The Miranda Warning 2014), Tasdance Education Program (Image 2012) and was commissioned to create two new Dance Theatre in works for Artslink QLD Schools Touring in 2014 and 2015 (Shift and No Way). Independently, she creates large scale dance and sound works in public space. This includes The Stance, a duration work investigating the choreography of bodies in protest which premiered in King George Square, Brisbane (Slipstream Festival 2016), showcased at Australian Performing Arts Market (2016) and is currently being redeveloped on MADE for presentation at Junction Arts Festival (Launceston) and Mature Moves (Hobart) in September 2016. Her previous site-specific work fifteen was presented in peak hour pedestrian traffic (Next Wave Festival 2012 and Brisbane Festival 2012) winning Melbourne’s Time Out Award for Best Small to Medium work (2012) and Queensland’s 2012 Round Up Award’s Best Dance Work. Liesel is also performer with Polytoxic Dance Theatre Company, collaborator with Phluxus2 Dance Collective and has been an associate artist of La Boite Theatre Company, Expressions Dance Company, and on the Advising Panel for Backbone Youth Arts.

Previous Productions

Earl Arts Centre
26, 27 & 28 May 2016

Theatre Royal
2 & 3 June 2016


Image: Dermot McElduff