Alexandra Knox In Residence Showing


Join us at Tasdance this Friday 16th of November for a showing fo work in development by the amazing Alexandra Knox.

Here is a little bit about what Alexandra is in interested in.

"From Nothing" is a contemporary dance work in development at Tasdance. It explores a journey about transformation of voice and self expression. A dance work combined with audience participation that will create the possibility to leave the audience connected, moved, touched and inspired. An honest, raw and authentic piece that will leave not just one voice to be fully self expressed through the course of the performance but many.

This residency is assisting in transforming my artistic practice and choreographic approach in a new and refreshing direction."From Nothing" is a work that I am deeply connected to. I have been honest and authentic in my approach to this work and believe I am now stepping into a way of being and creating that truly aligns with who it is that I am as a person, artist and who I am as a choreographer and dancer. 

The residency will allow me to create movement and dialogue for the work that aims to move, touch and inspire and to really connect and communicate with the audience to the performance. I would like to as the work develops now and into the future to have the piece empower people to see what is possible with their own voice and full self expression.