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TROLLS is a dance in education project that aims to give school students awareness and skills in relation to cyber bullying. One in four Australian children aged eight to 15 has experienced cyberbullying. Just as shocking is the fact that three-quarters of all Australian schools reported cyberbullying last year.

Tasdance has developed a high impact dance theatre work that involves school students in fun participation based activities that examine the consequences of our actions online. The work uses cause and effect choreographic devices to demonstrate that every word we type online has an effect on whoever it is directed at. Equipped with a large screen portable television and computer on a stand, TROLLS can be presented in any gym, hall, multipurpose space or theatre.


TROLLS, is ideal for large or small school groups (both primary and secondary schools) and can be presented in two different formats dependant on the requirements of the school.

Format 1 - A 35-minute performance followed by a Question and Answer session (duration is half day) - $800

Format 2 - A 35-minute performance followed by a Question and Answer session, plus one or two dance workshop to dig deeper into the themes of the work. Workshops can be catered in a number of different formats (duration is one day) - $1,200


TROLLS is available to Schools across Tasmania from: 10th to 19th September 2019
Bookings must be finalised by 20th July 2019.



Tasdance is dedicated to offering exciting and new ways to connect to schools across Tasmania. We can offer anything from once off workshops looking at Contemporary dance, choreography and/ or improvisation to week long residencies in your school where we expose your entire school to the joys of dance.

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