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Makers' Company

For 2018-2020 Tasdance has embarked on a refreshed approach to the nature of our professional contemporary dance ensemble, becoming the Tasdance Makers’ Company which:

  • Combines the power of a collaborative ‘ensemble’ with the aspirations of individual dancers
  • Responds to the current dance industry milieu of dancers as independent artists, articulating between dance companies, projects and their own work
  • Is a company of six dancer-makers inclusive of the Tasdance Artistic Director, developing separate and collaborative works in singular, composite and phased projects via a range of platforms. Smaller works will be presented in multiple formats annually, culminating in more significant production opportunities within the three-year period
  • Embraces the idea of making through the creative 'safari' of generative, diverse and collaborative practice.

Hybrid performance practices are increasingly a part of contemporary dance practice. We want the company's dancer-makers to have the chance to develop both their practice and their profile over their time with us. Tasdance is looking to build a unique set of artistic relationships and conversations internally that can be shared across time with Tasmanians and beyond.  

Tasmania is increasingly an island of Makers - all manner of boutique fermentation, distillation and bespoke cultural production and design and making takes place. Through the Makers Company, Tasdance will step more definitively and more strategically in this mix.


Tasdance will engage five professional dance artists who are developing a practice that is equally immersed in both performing and making to work with us over three years from 2018-2020. This will be an opportunity for sustained development suited to mid-career artists with outstanding performance histories and a commitment to making.

Company members will be offered opportunities to take ideas from conception to presentation in new ways, making:

- individually
- collaboratively
- in ways modular and iterative
- both on and off-island 

Ensemble members will have the opportunity to create work for the company and will also perform in the work of company colleagues.

In 2018, ensemble members will be engaged for 16 weeks on various projects. We expect the structure to be similar in years 2 and 3. Ensemble members also have access to a one-week residency at the Tasdance Studio to work on their own projects if they choose.


Tasdance, a dynamic and creative force enriching Tasmania's culture and community.