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Exposure - Summer Intensive

Tasdance’s Exposure is a week-long summer intensive for aspiring dancers to further their careers, providing opportunities for professional development and intense dance training.

In 2018, Tasdance is offering participants a once in a lifetime opportunity as Exposure 2018: Free Fall offers master classes led by both internationally renowned choreographer, Dana Gingras and Tasdance Artistic Director, Felicity Bott. 

This is an exclusive opportunity for participants with the week culminating in an informal performance as part of the MONA FOMA program!!! 

Please see this link mofo.net.au/program/launceston 

Exposure 2018: Free Fall

Tasdance’s Exposure is a week-long summer intensive for aspiring dancers to further their careers. Exposure 2018: Free Fall will see Tasdance offer master classes led by an internationally renowned choreographer and performer Dana Gingras of The Holy Body Tattoo Canada as she will be in Launceston with her show Monumental Godspeed You! Black Emperor as part of MONA FOMA.

These master classes will be led by both Dana Gingras and Tasdance Artistic Director, Felicity Bott and will be accompanied with other training, making and performing opportunities that prepare and develop participants for professional contemporary dance.

About Exposure

Exposure involves daily technique class, creative development of solo and group choreography, and a chance to work on performance skills. An exclusive opportunity for participants, the week culminates in an informal performance. This initiative to support the growth and training of young dancers is not new for Tasdance.

Taking place every January, the summer intensive is timed to give aspiring dancers another opportunity to train prior to returning to tertiary study or venturing into the independent dance sector.

Feedback from previous participants

“Such an amazing week, I loved being surrounded by such passionate people and developing my choreography was ver valuable. Thank you so much!”

“The amount of information and experience that Gabrielle had to offer was great. It was enriching to have the whole week to discuss the experience of being a dancer in a very human and personal way.”

“I really enjoyed the diversity of skills we were able to learn/practice in the one week. Not only dance but lighting etc. I liked how open Felicity was, easy to approach. I enjoyed (the) discussion and honest feedback.”

“I enjoyed the chance to have some studio time, get back into shape, open up my mind a little at the beginning of the year. Thank you for the opportunity! Keep it up! This is so valuable.”

How to register

Registrations for Exposure 2018 close on 21st December 2017


What you need to bring with you

  • Please prepare some solo dance material – approximately 1 – 2 minutes long. Don’t worry too much about your music choice, as the solo material will be adapted over the week.
  • Of course, bring your dance gear, and knee pads may come in handy.
  • Also, a pair of running / gym shoes might be good too.
  • Most importantly, pack a positive attitude and a team spirit.

What to expect

  • Yoga classes, dance technique class, improvisation and choreographic master classes, video-making of solo and group material.

More detail to come in late October.

Places to stay

Check out a couple of back-packers. The first one is closest to Tasdance.