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From our patron

Imagine this – I wake on a chilly winter’s day – drive 40 miles along a misty river, through breathtakingly beautiful countryside. In forty minutes I’m in a toasty studio alongside Janet Vernon, my wife, creating a new work for Tasdance.

Now imagine this – it’s the very studio where 40 years earlier I took my fledgling ballet steps under the guidance of amazing fellow Tasmanian Sir Kenneth Gillespie who returned to Launceston after achieving great success overseas with many dance companies, and in Australia with the remarkable Borovansky Ballet.

Over weeks the wonders continue as I work with beautiful dancers (both veteran and new to the company), witness their commitment and co-operation with me and each other. I add movement to the music of friend and long-time collaborator Carl Vine and then the forces of a favourite orchestra, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, are added to create a wonderful, magical mix – 40 Miles – A river of dreams for Heart Matters.

All journeys are a connection between youth and maturity – past and present. All creative projects should be this life-enhancing and as much fun.

Having this rare opportunity to work in Tasmania with a company that gave unhurried consideration to detail and a true commitment to excellence, was of huge benefit and, frankly, an exhilarating revelation. Now as a freelance choreographer, my work brings briefer and more intense creative periods and less chance to nurture and follow-up. The Tasdance experience was both powerful and intimate. I treasure and applaud the philosophy and achievements of this feisty ensemble. As proud Patron and a donor I invite you provide your gift and help Tasdance to keep on dancing and inspiring a love of dance across Tasmania and beyond.

Bravo Tasdance!

Signature - Graeme

Tasdance, a dynamic and creative force enriching Tasmania's culture and community.